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The items displayed online show the range and diversity of the products we provide, but it is by no means the total solution.

If you require a product not shown on our website, please contact us. We can then discuss how we may be able to help by sourcing the product or designing and producing a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you’re in Australia or the South Pacific contact us now and we can begin to find your bulk containment solution.

Postal Address: Bulk Containment Specialists Pty Ltd, PO Box 3006, Bankstown Square NSW 2200
ABN: 32 149 509 795

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New Zealand Customers

Looking for plastic containment solutions in New Zealand? If you're on the other side of the Tasman and interested in plastic solutions, feel free to contact our sister company Stowers Containment Solutions.

They specialise in innovative containment solutions for industrial and commercial organisations and have an extensive stock range to solve most containment problems.