About Us

Bulk Containment Specialists is the leading provider for plastics & bulk containment solutions in Australasia.

How you handle, pack, store and distribute your product is crucial to you company’s success. For you to achieve this goal it is imperative your finished product is handled correctly in all facets of manufacture, storage and distribution, to ensure it’s safe delivery with optimum presentation to your customer.

This is where we come into play.

No challenge is too big for us, if we don’t have exactly what you need, we’ll source it for you. In all cases, we draw upon for than 30 years experience in the specialist industry of bulk containment to arrive at the best possible solutions for your needs.

No frills, just good honest deals!

Our Team

Andy - General Manager

Taking up the challenge of leading the BCS Plastics team is General Manager Andy Burford. He joins the business into delivering strategic results across the sales & supply chain through a variety of operational and planning roles. Andy is completely dedicated to ensuring that customer’s interests and needs are understood and integrated in to service delivery. He’s motivated and thrives for success with his highly analytical thinking which demonstrates talent for identifying, scrutinizing and streamlining complex work processes.

Dolly - Marketing Coordinator

Nicknamed the "guru" Dolly's dedication & enthusiasm is a perfect fit for her role as marketing coordinator. She joined the team in late 2010 though already it's feels like she’s been with us a lot longer. Her responsibilities range from managing product development & sales promotions to system pricing & analysis. Dolly's extensive knowledge & conceptual thinking skills make her a great addition to the team.

Sean - Business Development Manager

Sean has nearly 20 years experience in the Plastic Packaging industry (having worked in the UK, Europe and Australasia). He will use this knowledge and experience to help you find the best solution for your packaging and containment needs. His role is to manage and support our current customers in the Australian market place and his vision is to build our market position by developing and defining solutions and strengthening our business relationships. His approach is to always provide the highest level of customer service and thus insure BCS Plastics are the ‘go-to guys’ for plastic packaging and containment solutions.